Evidence of Editing: The Fisher King

In this clip, there is a lot of cuts, close-ups, wide shots, etc, etc. There is a lot to this clip with how the editing is used. The wide shots looking down at our protagonist, the constant cuts giving a chaotic feel, as well as the silent shots of the flashback giving this sense of dread and hopelessness. These shots explain the backstory of this character and explain how exactly his past has affected him. The way everything comes together is incredibly chaotic. It’s meant to be a sprawling mess to confuse the viewer to really give them the feeling of what the character is dealing with. All of the shots are focused mainly in the middle keeping the attention of the audience between each cut. The feel of the environment makes sense, especially with how at times the character has to move around certain obstacles, like the ambulance. This scene doesn’t give much breathing room until the end, and even then it’s somewhat hard to fully digest because of everything that is happening.

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