Just Another Day Feedback

Labeled Cuts: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14uu29UN0fYYtUNqPsIMRZGyKaCQTm1k7/view?usp=sharing

(Youtube would not let me upload at all so had to use google drive)


  • My film is about the boring daily life of a student in quarantine.


  • A kid goes throughout her daily life during quarantine.

Intent / Goals

  • FOR YOU: My goal was to relearn some editing methods I forgot and apply them to my work.
  • FOR THE PROJECT: I wanted the film to feel more disconnected and abnormal, which is why I made it silent.


  • What established person/people did you research to better prepare you for your role? Example: editor and sound designer Walter Murch
  • What about them was interesting, compelling, and qualified them to be studied by you?


  1. How well did the silence work?
  2. Were there any parts where I should’ve added sound?

Peer Feedback

It was relatable.

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