Story of Film – Episode 1 – Birth of the Cinema


  • Japanese films are the ‘classic films”
  • Money doesn’t drive movies, ideas do
  • Edison is one of the people who helped make film
  • 2 brothers created the projector using the design of a sewing wheel
  • The brothers created the first movie theater
  • Film was originally for the working class and considered unsophisticated
  • Cutting of film footage was accidentally discovered
  • Close ups were created in 1900s
  • Widescreen cinema started with the filming of a boxing match
  • Editing was starting to be done in 1903 with cuts
  • Florence Lawrence became the first movie star
  • Small theaters called nickelodeons started in America
  • Famous filmmakers from Europe moved to Hollywood
  • Hollywood was a place where artists, especially film makers all came to in order to escape copyright of the projector wheel
  • First studio built in Hollywood in 1911
  • Around this time cinematography started to be seriously considered and worked with.
  • Film was started mostly by woman, immigrants, and Jews
  • Before 1995 most films were written primarily by woman
  • W.D Griffith used his films to promote racism

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